Can Socks = Better Golf Scores?

Can Socks = Better Golf Scores?

Can a pair of socks REALLY help lower your scores? … well, it totally depends on the socks.

Sore, achy feet are probably the last thing you’re thinking about on the golf course, but what if I told you that was a source of a couple of strokes each round? What if I told you there was a simple, inexpensive solution to those sore, achy feet? A simple change of socks might be all you really need to be more comfortable on the course… and play better.

Much cheaper than new shoes!

While compression socks have long been popular with runners and professional athletes across a multitude of sports, they haven’t traditionally made it to the golf course… until now. With designs that are less ‘medical’ and more style, compression socks are becoming more popular on/around the golf course.


The benefits of compression socks have been proven beyond question, but we’re just now realizing those benefits as they apply to golfers of all levels - both those who walk and those who ride. By increasing the circulation in your feet, compression socks help to ‘cure’ foot pain and reduce the swelling that usually occurs during a round of golf (or anytime you’re on your feet for extended periods) and saps your energy and focus. (Ever get to the last 3-4 holes only to find yourself losing a bit of focus and making mistakes you wouldn’t have earlier? This is a ‘cure’ to that… well, a cure as long as the beers weren’t part of the problem) A simple change of socks can help lead you to the most comfortable round of golf you’ve ever played… and potentially lower your scores to boot! It’s a win-win.

Over-the-Calf (or knee high) compression socks can benefit golfers as well, even if you decide not to play in them. Utilizing these compression socks in your post-round wardrobe will prevent any latent soreness by increasing your circulation and letting your increased blood flow remove any lactic acid build up. This will also help to prevent any blood pooling which is the general cause of leg soreness and swelling.

While you’ll definitely see an improvement during your normal round, the biggest benefit is during long outings (18+ holes) and long golf trips where you’re putting your feet and legs through a long ringer. The recover and reduction of swelling will make your last 18 holes, feel more like the first 18 holes.




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