Collective Socks + Charitable Giving

Collective Socks + Charitable Giving

If you've been paying any attention to us you're familiar with our commitment to donating 20% of every sale to our various charity partners, but we thought it was time to really dig into why it's so important to us.

Making the best compression socks on the market (in our humble opinion) is great, but without a greater meaning, we lose a larger perspective - our why.  

The simple reality is that we make and sell cute compression socks to make money - but why can't socks also be a force for good?  We aren't reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but we are taking an incredible idea and expanding on it.  To date, we've donated thousands of dollars to various charities that wouldn't have received the same funds otherwise - and that makes us happier than our gross sales.  

Turning a sock purchase into a donation to a charity makes the process painless for you, our wonderful customers.  Every single time you make a purchase, you're also making a donation to a worthwhile charity... that has to make buying socks feel pretty good, right?  I mean, even better than the feeling of a pair of knee high compression socks already feel. 

We sell socks, I'm sorry, we sell designer compression socks, so that we can spread good in the world.  Cheesy, but if the shoe fits....  

Our 'WHY' is simply to spread as much good as we can in this world and our charity partners are a tool that we use to do that.  

We believe that business can, and should, be about more than just revenue and profit.  It should have a soul, and look to give back - to make the world a better place and we've decided to put our money where our mouths are.  

We're so committed to the idea of charitable giving that it's one of our key metrics - how much we give away is literally one of the tools we use to measure how successful we are.  

You can read more about our charity partners anytime - and if you have questions, concerns or want to nominate a potential charity partner don't hesitate to reach out!  

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