Compression Socks for Non-Athletes?

Compression Socks for Non-Athletes?

So you’re not an athlete and you’re wondering if compression socks provide any benefit to you? The short answer is … YES! The long answer is below…

What benefit could compression socks possibly provide if you aren’t an athlete? Well, overall comfort and prevention of serious medical conditions are two of the biggest.

Because compression socks (and especially graduated compression socks) improve your blood flow, they can lesson pain and swelling in your lower legs. Compression socks can also lower the chances of you getting Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and other circulatory problems, courtesy of the pressure (compression) the socks apply to your arteries. Since arteries are responsible for taking oxygenated blood to the muscles, any increase in blood flow also increases the amount of blood moving in your legs. The compression pressure allows your arteries to ‘relax’ which increases the amount of blood flow.

And remember the old adage, ‘what goes up, must come down’? Well, in this case we reverse it - ‘what goes down, must go up’. The increased blood flow down through the arteries means your veins get a boost pushing that blood back up to your heart.

Due to the increased blood flow, it’s much harder for your blood to pool in your veins… which means it’s that much harder to create a blood clot. Added bonus, that same increased flow also means a reduction in swelling! Great news for frequent travelers and those at risk for spider or varicose veins!

So, who can benefit from wearing compression socks? Well, that list is surprisingly easy to describe and covers just about anyone you can think of…

  • People at risk for circulation problems

  • People who’ve just had surgery

  • People who are bed-ridden or have trouble moving their legs

  • People who stand all day

  • Pregnant women

  • People who spend long stretches on airplanes

  • …. and athletes.

So let’s get down to brass tacks.

Even if you aren’t an athlete, the benefits of compression socks - especially graduated compression socks - extend into your everyday life.

  • On your feet all day at work? BOOM, compression socks will help keep you feeling less fatigued during the day.

  • Travel for work, or as your job (pilot)? BOOM! Compression socks will greatly reduce potential swelling and the risk of DVT or throwing a clot.

  • Pregnant? BOOM BOOM (well, that already happened) but I’m guessing you’re tired to being swollen and having your legs ache. Compression socks will help with that!

  • Circulation Issues? Come on, if you’ve been paying attention this one is easy… OF COURSE you can benefit from compression socks!

Seriously, if you have a pulse you have blood flow. If you have blood flow you can utilize the benefits of compression socks, it really is that simple.

We take our socks seriously and we will continue to yell into the void until everyone understand how important compression socks can be for your overall health!




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