The Basics - Benefits of Improved Circulation

The Basics - Benefits of Improved Circulation

By now I’m sure that all of you have heard that good blood circulation is, well… GOOD!  In fact, it’s been mentioned so many times that you could probably recite it in your sleep – but why is it ‘good’ and what are the benefits from improving your blood circulation?  We’re so glad you asked!

Having increased levels of blood flow and circulation helps to promote cell growth and better organ function (you look better and your body performs better).  Your skin is a huge beneficiary of increased circulation as it’s better able to fight off bacteria and infections – and it just looks brighter and healthier.  When your heart is pumping full force, it works less (strange) but your heart rate lowers, muscles relax and blood pressure flows smoothly.

Another small benefit of improved circulation?  Optimal health.  Simply put, improved blood circulation ensures that blood, and oxygen, are continuously pumped through your body – which means that all of your organs are able to function at (or near) optimal levels.  Wounds heal faster, your brain stays sharp(er) and your heart stays healthy.  Now, these are all great benefits for athletes – but even road warriors, couch surfers and those just fighting off the daily grind all benefit from this as well.  Reduced stress, and better brain performance allow you to better deal with your day without feeling drained by lunch. 

It's also been shown that improved blood circulation can have a positive effect on the immune system!  There are specific blood cells, carried by the bloodstream, that fight infections – the better they’re able to get around your body, the better they’re able to fight infections.  This is especially prevalent in today’s world – between the basic cold, flu and COVID, giving your immune system a fighting chance is the smart thing to do.

In short? Increasing your blood circulation will help you look and feel healthy.  Your skin maintains a healthy color (and glow), your brain function improves and allows you to stay focused and you’ll be better equipped to handle your daily stressors.

We’ve told you why, but how?  Well, there are a number of ways you can do that (here) but the short list is:

There are more, but imagine that 3 small changes could lead to such profound improvements in your overall health!  Compression socks push blood up from your feet and ankles, preventing pooling and swell when you’re sitting or standing for long periods of time (perfect for those of us in offices and at desks all day long).  That small boost to your circulation can help jumpstart your overall circulation – couple that with cardio and proper hydration and you’re well on your way to healthy lifestyle! 

Compression socks, especially graduated compression socks from Collective Socks offer a wide range of colors and designs to match your style – while helping you improve your circulation. 

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