The BIG Questions

The BIG Questions

Our socks are not made in the United States.

There I said it… whew! That felt good to get out, not that we’ve been hiding it mind you (our labels are pretty clear), but sometimes saying something out loud is cleansing.

I get that some of you will stop here and never return to the website - I get it. But, if you’ll give us a bit more of your time I can at least explain WHY.

Are we too good for US production? Nope.

Do we only care about profits? Nope.

See, we started off with the plan to have everything made in the US, but then we started requesting quotes and most US manufacturers wouldn’t even respond to quotes. I was literally asking them how much money I needed to GIVE them and they were too busy… that’s usually a good sign of what’s to come in my book. Those producers that did respond were 3-4 times more expensive than the producer we ended up choosing.

Now I know I just said that we don’t only care about products, we don’t. In fact, using the Chinese manufacturer allowed us to give away TWICE what our original plan was. That’s right - we went from 10% donation to charity to 20% of all revenue being donated to charity. Did we forget to mention that part earlier? 20% of our revenue is donated to charity - if you read the first post you know that it’s the core of our company. If we didn’t donate Rodney would get very upset, and trust me, we don’t like him upset!

Why China?

Well, we were able to get extremely high quality socks at a fraction of the costs we were seeing in the US. It was some of the best quality that we saw from any manufacturer, regardless of location and outside of the time difference their support has been incredible.

Highest quality socks you found? Really?

Yup. By quite a large margin actually. We ended up choosing their 200 needle product because it was incredibly soft and still allowed us to maintain 20-25 mmHg graduated compression. Seriously, these will be some of the softest compression socks you’ve ever worn. I mean I think so, but it’s the most common comment we receive from customers. The second most common one is that they forget their wearing compression socks…. which seems like a weird thing to say, but it’s true. Our compression socks have the same level of graduated compression, but they don’t feel constricting and they’re so light that they don’t make you overheat.

I promise that we’ll never make a decision based simply on cost - but if we find that we can get as good a product (or better) from a manufacturer that isn’t in the US, you better believe we’ll do that. Every day of the week.

Now, if you’ve stayed with us this long you’re either a glutton for punishment or … well that’s really it, but either way you’re one of our people and Rodney can’t wait to meet you!

We love our customers and want to make them happy and keep them healthy… and hopefully have some fun while we’re doing it!



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