We know, a Rooster is a weird logo for a company that sells designer compression socks, but we like him!  Rodney is more than just a fun logo - he's also the beacon for our company.  (fair warning - this next part is kinda mushy).

When we decided that we wanted to be more than just a sock company, and that we wanted to 'do more' we needed a logo that supported that.  Did you know that in addition to being incredibly alarm 'clocks' that Roosters are known to lead to self-sufficiency?  Roosters are also incredible protectors of their flock and that they is a purpose to their colors?  These are all of the same values that we have here at Collective Socks so we thought it was a perfect match.  You'll find Rodney on every pair of socks we sell as well as in everything we do.

You never know where else Rodney will appear, but we can promise it'll be in as many fun places as possible!