How to Choose the Best Compression Socks for Travel

How to Choose the Best Compression Socks for Travel

Travel, in a general sense, means getting yourself from point A to point B. Perhaps point A is in one state, and point B another; traveling to see a distant relative, or visit a new city. Or perhaps point B is in another country - as you look to immerse yourself in a different culture.

More often than not, however, point A is home, and point B, is work. But no matter how far the distance, how exciting the destination, we all want to travel in comfort.

Consider compression socks, then, the footwear equivalent of an upgrade from coach to business class. While we cannot guarantee more legroom, we’re happy to state that enhanced circulation in the legs and feet has a range of benefits from comfort, to health. Here’s how you can find the right pair for you.

How do compression socks work?

Before you make a decision, let’s first talk about how compression socks work, and the benefits of owning a pair.

Compression socks function simply by putting pressure on the blood vessels of the legs and feet to enhance circulation, reducing the amount of work your body has to do to keep blood flowing to the extremities.

They are prescribed for a range of circulatory issues, but are also available for purchase online and in conventional retailers by the general public, as they can help to improve comfort, reduce swelling and even aid with anxiety.

Some people may be expected to wear them for years, or for the remainder of their lives to target a specific condition. But many have a pair for intermittent use.

How can compression socks help with travel?

In the often limited mobility of a flight or car journey, poor circulation due to lack of movement can result in numbness, swelling, sore feet and encourage blood clots in those predisposed to them.

Compression socks can help to alleviate all these issues, and are also regularly recommended for those at risk of deep vein thrombosis during long journeys.

Studies have also found a connection between compression socks and reducing anxiety in instances of prolonged sitting, with marked differences found in the psychological responses of those wearing compression socks and those without.

Journeys on public transport are a common source of anxiety for many, and compression socks may aid in alleviating stress for an anxious traveller.

What kinds of compression socks are there?

We offer two kinds of compression socks at Collective Socks, over the calf/knee high socks, and ankle socks. Both are effective at increasing circulation.

For longer journeys, we’d recommend our knee high compression sock designs. They guarantee true graduated compression and support for muscles and tendons across the leg – a perfect fit for tiring lengthy journeys, helping you remain active and recover faster once you’ve arrived at your destination

Our low cut socks are fantastically versatile, and can be worn for comfort around the house and a range of activities. Their lightweight, unobtrusive design makes them great for walkers, runners and workouts of all kinds – offering the same level of compression (20 mmhg) as our knee high/over the calf designs.

What size compression socks should I wear?

As with conventional socks, our compression socks come in a range of sizes to cover differently proportioned feet for both men and women.

  • S/M - Men: 6-9, Women: 7.5 – 10.5
  • M/L - Men: 10-12, Women: 11.5 – 13.5
  • L/XL - Men: 13-15, Women: 14.5 – 16.5

We can guarantee a snug fit and effective compression in all our socks, simply pick the pair within your size range.

What style of compression socks should I choose?

We’ll leave this completely up to you – we have a range of different designs for both men and women, from simple, minimalist designs to pretty, preppy and offbeat.

Why should I choose compression socks from collective socks?

Not only do our high quality socks come in a range of styles and sizes – our philosophy is ‘socks with a SOUL’.

We make regular donations to important charities assisting with vital work in childcare, LGBTQIA+ issues and social development – including St. Jude’s Children’s hospital and the Trevor Project.

For peace of mind, we also have a 30-day return policy, simply get in contact with us HERE and we’ll send you everything you need to make a return.


We hope we’ve helped you to decide on the best pair of designer compression socks possible! Whether travel, sport or simple home use, our graduated compression socks are an effective, stylish, non-invasive way to increase circulation and improve comfort.



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